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Thursday, October 29, 2015

After a month long unofficial blockade from southern neighbour the Nepalese government officials then thought to knock the door of northen neighbour 'China'. And they got a very warm and promising response to solve the situation of crisis. After a preliminary talk with the Chinese officials, a team lead by Nepalese abassador for C China went to bejing on monday inorder to finaloze the deal on supply of petroleum. On wednesday Nepal Oil Corporation and PetroChina signed a MoU which has opened a official door to do petroleum business between Nepal and China. China has also declared to donate 1000 Metric ton of petrol to Nepal as subsidy and is expected to arrive Kathmandu on next week. This historical deal has raised hope in Nepalese people.

Due to so called unofficial Indian blockade Nepal is suffering from acute fuel shortages from past one month. The is acute shortage of petrol, diesel, kerosene, LPG and aviation fuel. India has been ignoring this issue stating that the blockades had been done by the atigating Madhesi people on te border due to dissatisfaction on the newly declared constitution.

Nepal has been importing fuel from only India through Indian Oil Corporation since 40 years. IOC was enjoying monopoly over Nepal Oil Corporation which the state owned agency doing peteoleum business in Nepal. After the blockades staryed IOC also started to deny to give loads to NOC's tankers in IOC' bordering oil depots. IOC only provided 10% of total required load.

Tired with the IOC's attitude Nepal government and Nepal Oil Corporation focused on searching for alternatives rather begging IOC for peteoleum. At first it decided to adopt airlifting and also announced global tender quoting the oil ad gas requirement for 15 days. The result of the tender is not out till now and the sources say that it is under study.

Though there is geographical difficlties now the governmnet of both countries should focus to inprove the infrastructures and policies to flourish the trade of petroleum products. 

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Sunday, September 27, 2015


    When I first upgraded my PC to windows 10, I was pretty must excited. The Menu and other features were properly functioning.
    After about one month, sound control and brightness control were not working. I have to restart my laptop to use it again. The problem persisted until one day, I encountered Critical Error Issues and menu bar, games, web browser stopped working. I checked various sites to resolve it but didn't work out for me.
   So, I ran a Boot-time scan using Avast Antivirus thinking it might work. To my amusement it worked and Windows 10 was same as before. 
   I think putting my computer to sleep was the reason because I faced the same problem again after few days. After solving the issue again doing boot-time scan, I have not put my laptop to sleep and I have not encountered the same problem again and everything is just functioning as before. 
   Thus, simply run a boot-time scan and don't put the computer to sleep. I hope this works for you also. 

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Friday, August 28, 2015

The automobile industry in Nepal is growing at a fast pace. It is very important to stay updated with the current bike prices of various brands like Bajaj Pulsar, Hero, Honda, and so on. 

         HH Bajaj is one of the largest firm in Nepal when it comes to motorcycle dealers. It has been in operation since 1998 and works under Golcha Organization. HH Bajaj has gained popularity in Nepalis market for being on e of the best. 

The information about their bikes along with some of their features are:
          Bajaj Pulsar

Pulsar 200 RS

Price : Rs. 3,99,900
Power: 199.5 cc
Top speed : 140.8kmph
Tank capacity: 13L
Weight:  165 kg
Pulsar 200 AS

Price: Rs. 2,84,900
Power: 199.5 cc
Tank capacity: 12L + 2.4L
Weight: 153 kg
Pulsar 150 AS

Price: Rs. 2,49,900
Power: 149.5 cc
Tank capacity: 12L + 2.4L
Weight: 143 kg

Pulsar 150 cc

Price: Rs. 2,26,900
Power: 149.01 cc
Tank capacity: 13L + 2L
Weight: 143 kg

Pulsar 180 cc

Price: Rs. 2,38,900
Power: 178.6 cc
Top speed 136 kmph
Tank capacity: 13L + 2L
Weight 147 kg
Pulsar 200 NS

Price: Rs. 2,79,900
Top speed: 136 kmph
Tank capacity: 12L
Weight: 145 kg
Power: 199.5 cc
Pulsar 200 F

Price: Rs. 2,71,900
Top speed: 136 kmph
Tank capacity: 12L
Weight: 145 kg
Power: 200 cc

Discover 100 M
Price: Rs. 1,55,900
Power:102 cc
Mileage: 84 kmpl
Tank capacity:8L+1.6L
Weight: 114 kg

Discover 125 cc M

  Rs.1,79,300 (disk)
Power: 124.6 cc
Max speed: 100kmph
Tank capacity: 8 liter full (2.3 liter reserve)
Weight: 118.5 kg

Discover 125 ST

Price: Rs.1,85,900
Power: 124.6cc
Tank capacity: 13L
Weight: 124.5 kg

Discover 150 F

Price: Rs.1,98,900
Power: 145 cc
Tank capacity: 8L+2L
Weight: 130 kg

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Whenever we talk about telecommunication Services in Nepal, NTC and Ncell come into mind. NTC is a state owned enterprise whereas Ncell is mostly owned by TeliaSonera. We all know that NTC is cheap but the coverage is poor and Ncell is expensive but has a better coverage. Also, the Ncell customer care services is comparatively good. These two telecommunication giants are also Internet Service Providers (ISP) have their own tariffs rate along with various data packages which I have gathered below for Pre-paid Users:

Even though Ncell internet surfing charge is higher than NTC, Ncell offers various Data Packs Schemes for its users. The packages are: Data Packs, Facebook Packs, Unlimited internet Packs, Free Wikipedia and Zero Twitter. For more detail Click here :

For staying ahead in competition NTC has also come up with different packages, click below for further information:  

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Long discussed 41 km-long Raxual-Amlekhganj peteoleum pipeline project is declared to complete within 30 months. MoU was signed by Nepalese minister for commerce and supplies Sunil Thapa and India's petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan in Singhadurbar, Kathmandu.

The pipeline will be used to import oil and gas without any hinderance from India's Raxual depot to Nepal's Amlekhgunj depot.

The project is estimated to cost Rs.4.4 billion. Indian Oil Corporation would be investing Rs.3.20 billion and Nepal government will investing Rs1.20 billion which will cover upgrading the capacity of Amlekhganj depot.

The pipeline will facilitate smooth supply of petroleum product from between the two countries. The problems such as vaporization while transporting by tankers, impurity, high transportation cost and tanker's strikes will be solved after the construction of the pipeline.

As per the agreement Nepal will buy peteolem products from IOC for atleast 15 years. Of the 41 kilometer-long petroleum pipeline, about 39km would lie in Nepal and 2 km lies in Indian part. And in the future there is plan to extend the pipeline to Kathmanu also.

“The pipeline project garnered momentum only after the Nepal visit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” Indian minister Pradhan said, “It will further facilitate the trade between Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) and Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC).” 

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